By Jim Newsom

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This is is my music homepage.  As a pianist, I play all genres of music...blues, jazz, standards, show tunes, etc.  I also play synthesizer and organ. 

I like to play music in such a way that people feel good about where they are and what they are listening to.  Music is a great avenue to the soul.  Music brings out the best in people.  Someone said "Music expresses that which cannot be said and what is impossible to keep silent!"

One can say so much with music.  Often the words of the song depict a story.  You can listen to a song and suddenly be transported back in time.  Music soothes the soul.  I still love blues because of the nature of where it came from, at a time when Blacks were suffering in the cotton fields.  Anyone who has suffered hardship can relate to the blues.  It's a very spiritual form of expression and one I love to play frequently, along with Gershwin, Billy Joel, Elton, Coldplay and others.