By Jim Newsom

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This is the homepage of Jim Newsom, Pianist who lives and has performed in Fort Worth since 1960.  Jim brings a lot of variety to his music.  He  can play many genre's each time he performs.  His specialty is blues and jazz, having performed with many of the greats of the time...B.B. King, Delbert McClinton, Freddie King, Jimmy Reed, Ray Sharpe.  He performed with Jerry Lee Lewis, Bruce Channel, Ray Price, Willie Nelson, Loretta Lynn and many other greats on a show at the old Panther Hall.   


  1. Billy Holiday
    Billy Holiday
    Some of my favorite songs were originally recorded by Billy Holiday, who was the first real "blues" singer. Her songs were widely recorded by all the best artists throughout the world.
  2. George Gershwim
    George Gershwim
    An American composer who brought a bluesy sound to all his musics.
  3. Billy Joel
    Billy Joel
    One of my favorite composers. He writes both music and lyrics. He's also a very accomplished pianist. A great American composer. I never get tired of his music.